Friday, 2 October 2009

The sublime SuperKazza gets subliminal

There is nothing better I feel than looking and feeling the best you can. You can go on with confidence to achieve your dreams and make the world a better place.

I remember looking back to the age of about 4 when I was asking my mum for math's and English books and how happy I felt when I was top of my primary school. Even while working full time I always have courses and study on the go – psychology, PR courses, writing courses and now I am even more into personal development too, never playing music in the car – always a Tony Robbins CD, a business development CD, The Secret and more. I also love listening to these on my iPod in the gym or even when walking to the bus stop or going from tube to tube. It’s amazing how much time we have that doesn’t usually get used in the best way!

The new system I have discovered recently is fantastic – If you are a fan of Derren Brown you may have seen his programme when he talks about the power of subliminal messages. I have researched into this too – check out You Tube and the clips on there about how companies use subliminal messages to make people buy things! It is SUCH an eye opener – and in most cases not that pleasant.

While I am typing this message to you, the new system I have discovered recently is flashing up small positive subliminal messages to my screen. It’s great – I have found another thing that I can learn from – and not take any time for either as it simply happens while I am working at my PC.

Go to and check it out. What I also love about this is as you share it with friends too you can make a commission, so whether learning or earning is motivational for you, this could be something to check out and invest in now!

Love n kisses

K x

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